Plain Jane?

"Your outfits are simple but sophisticated." - Broke Wanna-Be Fashionista

I agree with that statement because lately I have been keeping it simple. As you all know I work full-time and I am in graduate school, so most days this what I am wearing. I still love my over the top things, but I am loving pants at the moment, and these are one of my favorite pants for spring/summer. Its grungy, bad ass, and it compliments me in the right way(I hate to say that, but its true). I also love my skippy's. I have purchased every color from forever 21. Can we say comfortable? =). Everything is from forever 21+ except for the jacket (Lane Bryant) and pants (Pay Half)


  1. You look fantastic! I love those jeans. I absolutely love Forever 21's jeans. They're so so so comfortable!

    Love your blog

  2. *scream* thanks for the shout out!!! Your hair looks fab once again!!!

    Kami from

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