Keep It Simple!

It is currently 80+ degrees in NY. I have some more summer shopping to do, however I decided it was best to pull out my Forever 21 mini, my neon pink lace top, and my skippy's. I added the long cardigan to hide my bum, because I knew I would be commuting from Brooklyn to Manhattan, and I didn't feel like getting attention from men. Therefore I rocked the cardigan, but later took it off when I got to the city to hang out with the bf.


  1. love the color combo, so bold and fierce! :D u look really nice.

  2. Love this outfit! You're beautiful! x

  3. you better be in bold colors!! and i know how you feel about wanting to cover up cause these dudes out here can be crazy lol


  4. I just had to check out my fav blogger. Hunny u look so yummy in those colors lol And ur hair is still fabulous!!!

    That skirt and that blue is making your curves look hot!! Girl work it ;)

    Kami from
    take care xoxo

  5. Your outfit makes me wanna dance! Do it girl!