OOTN/ Meet Cherglam/ BFSC Look!

Hey ladies! I am switching things up and adding something different to my blog and on my YouTube channel. I decided that I wanted to feature confident women, who ranged from a size 12 and up with different body types and shapes. These women have all learned to embody their confidence through their clothes and style. The reason why I want to pursue this is because I want to showcase more plus size body acceptance, and I know many of you will find inspiration from them. I know I will ;)

 For my first feature I am introducing Cherglam who is an awesome young woman, who had learned to embrace her body and grew to love it. She offered great advice and I am happy to feature her first. Please watch the video for the interview. I promise you all my videos will get better, but in due time.

Jumper:Fashion to Figure/ Clutch: Ebay/ Shoes: Target

Cherglam and I had a great night. We went out for food and drinks,and partied all night long. I was able to snap a few pictures.

This outfit I am rocking is for the Big Fat Summer Challenge. I am rocking high waisted tribal pants and a sheer top, which is something I normally wouldn’t wear. In the past I would never wear a top like this, but I think I pulled it off well without looking too sexy lol.

                                           Top, Pants, Shoes, and Bag: Forever 21 lol

Please don't forget to watch the video!

Check Out The Challenge here! Also we have something fun coming soon!


  1. I wanted those pants so bad when I saw them on the website. I love me some prints and colors!

  2. Awesome!! Love the pants :)

  3. Love those pants!!!!!! and ur makeup is adorable!

  4. I love that outfit!!

    Taylor Brione

  5. I love forever 21! You guys looks so cute!


  6. Cute outfits! I'm loving your pants and wedges.

    Nique {www.niqueinthemiddle.com}

  7. Oh lala for those printed pants. U look like a rockstar, yeah baby. So great you're sharing some love.

  8. I saw the video and you ladies look just as amazing there as you do here. I need to find those pants!

  9. Love your pants!!! Great minds think alike because I have the exact same ones!!! I participated in the BFSC as well, check out my blog: wwww.plussizesouthernlady.blogspot.com and we can follow each other!!!

  10. I love this jumper and your pants are just amazing.


  11. Love those pants. Bold prints rock my world!