Valentine's Look!

Valentine's Day is two days away ladies and although I rarely get dressed up for this occasion, I thought it would've been fun to play dress up for my YouTube collaboration with Naturallyfashionable and Supplchictv. I decided to finally wear this pink skater dress from Fashion to Figure, and pair it with black and gold. I love black and gold so that was easy to pair since I have so many items like that already.

 Anyway, I hope you ladies have a wonderful Vday. Remember you don't need a man to make you feel special that day, do something you love that day, whether its getting dressed up, doing your hair, cooking, shopping, just do something that makes you feel special ;)

Dress: Fashion to Figure/ Belt: Asos/ Clutch: Aldos / Shoes: Bakers Tights: Avenue

Check out the video ladies! 


  1. Love this! Super cute! And a great sentiment, too. :)

  2. great outfit and I'll definitely be checking out the video!

  3. Beautiful! And you are right...WOMEN don't need anyone but themselves to feel special cause they already know they are!

  4. How cute are you?!? You are workin' the dress!


  5. I really like your blog! You're really an inspiration for all girls who haven't been blessed with a size 0 :D
    You rock the dress and I love how you pair it up with a video :) Something I should try sometime...

    Please would you take a look at my blog and tell me what I could improve?
    Thank you so much!
    Keep up the good work :)