Welcome Back Elloquii!

Eloquii is back bigger and better. They debuted their comeback yesterday and I was amazed at all the items I saw on their site. You can definitely tell that Eloquii had a makeover. Their items are trendier, more fashion forward, and quite frankly youthful. They have something for everyone's style and that is what I like about this brand. I was invited to attend Eloquii first Spring preview collection and like most people, I wanted to see if their items looked as good in person as they did online, and it did. Now let's get into the real details about their clothing.

Quality: One word. Amazing! I was able to touch and feel each garment and the material in my opinion was pretty top notch, and probably the best I felt in a long time.

 Price: Ladies! The price is pretty good, especially for the quality and material that were used for each garment . If you would like to invest in something great that will last you more than a few months. I would invest in this company. There were some classic pieces for sure!

 Size: I wasn't able to try on any of their pieces however Eloquii has stated that their sizes run very true to size.

 Here are some of the items that I loved in person!

This coat is my absolute favorite from their collection! 


  1. I've never shopped or heart of Eloquii but just checked out there site and everything is SO CUTE. I can't believe this is the first time I'm hearing about them. Thanks for the recommendation! I wish they had a store in the Seattle area :)

  2. Yes! Glad they are back and love the pieces I saw.

  3. Nice review , I wonder if they ship to Canada.

  4. I'm so obsessed, i'm glad they are back, their designs are so modern too! I can't wait to get my hands on that jacket and one skirt that I saw in their lookbook.