I Guess You Can Call Me A Stylist Too!

I was asked to style asummer shoot. I was really exited yet nervous because I have never styled a shoot before. Styling myself and close family and friends is as much of the styling I have done lol, however I looked forward to bringing my style and spin to this shoot, even though it was my first time styling. The shoot is called "Hello Brooklyn". Growing up and being raised in Brooklyn you have to sort of have an edge, attitude, and confidence. I believe that the model most definitely captured that.

 Here are some of my favorite looks and must have outfits from the shoot.

Tell me what you think about the styling? 
What is your favorite look? 

Model:  Ronnie Howard 
Styling: Peggy Jean from www.ontheqtrain.com 
Photographer: Kwesi Abbensetts


  1. you did a great job though, really nice!


  2. Sweety, you did an awesome job and I love everyone of the outfit....Well done!!!!


  3. Well all the practice (on yourself and fam/friends) paid off. You did a really good job; you made her look edgy and pretty. Love the heels, the color combos and the pieces you picked. Congrats . Inspector33.com

  4. Great job!! Everything looks ahhhmazing!!


  5. You did an amazing job on the looks. The first look captured the essence of the clothing line the most. I am impressed with you did and I am sure you will do Great in the future. Good Luck on all your endeavors! I am inspired :-)