Weekend Style: Sweatshirt & Skinnies

Its been a while and I hate to start my posts like this, but I have been through so much in the last couple of months, which is why this blog is constantly neglected. I wanted to share a collaboration I did with a a NYC photographer M76Photo. I would like to thank my Instagram followers for recommending him for this project. I love how these images came out, its fun and different which is something I plan to experiment more on.

Lately my style has been lazy, no real creativity, but I am comfortable so that's all that matters. I wanted to snap some street style photos from my blog since on the weekends I like to wear whatever at the moment, and when I say whatever, I sometimes get really dressed up while other times I am dressed down. Although I dress down I still rock my oversize hoops and bold lipstick to give my look some life. I was sent this sweatshirt c/o from Rebdolls.com. I absolutely loved it because I am a huge Kanye West fan and I am always fascinated with whatever words come out of his mouth and his unapologetic attitude towards life. He literally has no filter, so I thought this sweatshirt would be great to add to my closet. I rocked it with my favorite black skinnies and some flat booties.

Black Skinnies (The Best Ever!!): Forever 21 | Sweatshirt c/o: Rebdolls | Booties: Similiar

Photos By: M76Photo


  1. Im going to take your suggestion on those Black Skinnies because I need a new pair,do they collect any lent??


  2. Really love this whole outfit, it's simple and looks good. Your boots are to die for. (y)

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