Weekend Look: Simplicity.

I have been rocking jeans for the past couple of months and if you know me personally. I rarely ever wear jeans. I have a love/hate relationship with jeans because it is virtually impossible to find the right pair. Unfortunately, I found these jeans at a local shop in NYC, but my favorite jeans at the moment are forever 21 jeans.They fit so well and accentuate my curves, which is always a plus. This weekend look is simple yet a bit glammed up. I swear can transform any look.

Jeans: Similar / Top/ H&M / Shoes: Forever21

Photos By: M76Photo 


  1. I love everything about this!!!! I feel you I rarely wear jeans myself but I def am trying to wear more next year. I just need to stop being so lazy to try to find the right ones for me. You look gorgeous!

  2. I feel you on finding the right jeans. I am currently searching for that pair that is just right. Super comfy and chic look you're rocking ma'am!!

  3. So cute, I have a hard time finding jeans all the time, I was going to Old Navy, but I realized I can't wear them for a long time, but still they are a good fit for my skinny legs as the bottom.

  4. Welcome to the world of jeans! I have loved them forever, but I will agree it is hard to find the perfect fit

  5. so pretty outfit...so charming look!

  6. thanks for dressing idea for plus size women.

  7. you look so cute girly! I love that jacket and don't get me started on your hair! :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  8. I just wish those pictures were in 3D, 'cause bending my neck and turning this screen isn't helping me to see what you must look like from behind.


    One day I saw you in Brooklyn and stood there for maybe 15 seconds, trying to find something to say...
    No words.
    No chance.
    Just a man and his thoughts.

    I headed into Shake Shack lost in my daydream.

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