Weekend Style: Wide Leg Pants Are Making A Comeback!

I am transitioning my style from a young adult to now a grown woman, but I will discuss this transition in a future blog post. However, when I saw these high waisted pants, I immediately knew I needed these in my closet for the Fall. They looked so chic and the color looked gorgeous. I hoped that they would fit perfectly and they definitely did. I paired with a basic crop top and some heels. I was definitely well over 6 feet yesterday lol. I can't wait to style these again, so cute and comfy!

Pants: Here | Crop Top: Here: | Necklace: Here | Bag: Similar

See you soon!! xx


  1. I love these pants on you! and I definitely know the grown clothes struggle. I see so much cute but impractical stuff that I have to pass on.

  2. I have those same pants and they're so comfy and perfect. You styled them great. :-) XOXO


  3. Love this! I actually had my eye on those pants!