Girl, Where You Been? I'm Back and I'm Better

Girl, where you been? Well I'm here, but I've been pretty low-key. Whether I'm attending a blogger event or browsing through social media, This is probably the most asked questions I've received since taking a long break from my blog.This is also the longest break Iv'e taken, and honestly I am okay with that. I needed a break to kinda  find myself and figure out what I wanted to do with my blog. I want to make my blog more personal and I also want to focus on my hectic yet creative lifestyle too. I definitely want to showcase my style and how much it has evolved as a plus size woman.  It's more mature, simple, clean, and effortless. Which is something I've been aiming for some time.

This look currently showcases my life. (Brunches, Uber Rides, Good Music, & Girls Night Out). A simple graphic tee with cut up jeans are my go to looks for my weekend shenanigans.

Bomber Jacket: Here  | Top: H&M | Boyfriend Jeans: Here | Shoes Similar | Fringe Bag; Here

Photographer: Jason Gaskins "Mr_Shotts"

I would like to thank Mr_Shotts for these lovely photos. He really pushed me to get out of my element and still made me feel true to myself! xx


  1. Beautiful as always babe


  2. I agree girl I took a long break myself and almost decided to quit blogging altogether because it's so time consuming. I'm trying to post at least once a month until I figure out exactly where I want to go with mine as well I KNOW the struggle. Love this look!!!!! so me right now!!!