H&M Straight Sizes For Plus Size Body Types?

Have you walked into a straight size department store and saw so many cute things. Have you ever said to your self, "that would look like it would fit?" Those are my thoughts every time I walk into H&M. Their items are super cute, but I noticed some of their pieces are either oversize, spandex, or runs big. Would you believe that 90% of what I am wearing in this post is from H&M. I am a size 22 and I am wearing a large in their jacket and dress. On Snapchat, I posted this dress and many people were surprised that I was able to fit a large.

I actually shop in H&M, but not their plus size line. Since their plus size line is no longer in stores but online, I would often shop their straight size line, and no one would ever know. I have been doing this for years. I love H&M and their price point for their summer clothes is very affordable. They have been catering to my Afrocentric needs with their funky and tribal prints, so I do plan to buy more items soon. I also want to state that just because I am plus size, I will not limit myself to just plus size brands. Real fashionistas and stylists know this.

Here Are Some Tips For Shopping Straight Size!

  • Grab the biggest size! Most of these stores go up to a size Large or Xtra-Large.
  • Grab the items with stretch! If it has a great stretch chances are it will fit.
  • Grab the oversize items! I swear most of the oversize items are plus size items. 

Ladies! Have fun and try going into a straight size store and try your luck. If you're not comfortable, it's cool. Plus size fashion has evolved and you can find many plus size trendy clothing online :)

Jacket: Here | Dress: Here | Fringe Bag: Here | Shoes: Here | Hat: Here


  1. You look so stunning! Beautiful dress. Where is this graffiti/mural located (the "no one can take away your dreams" one)? It's so pretty!

  2. I love how you've paired these prints! I don't know why I didn't know h&m has plus sizes. Thanks for sharing
    Rhondine | www.nappsandsass.com