Fashion Nova Curve For Curvy Girls?

If you have been on Instagram for the past 2 or 3 years you have definitely seen many popular reality stars and celebrities rocking Fashion Nova jeans. I have always wondered what is the hype, why are so many celebrities drawn to the jeans. I mean, I thought they looked good, but never understood the hype. However, when Fashion Nova contacted me to review their plus size and curvy line Fashion Nova Curve. I jumped on the opportunity and was  also very curious about the fit. Honestly to my surprise their jeans are pretty good. They are comfortable, sexy, and reasonably priced,

The stretch and length is absolutely perfect, and I find that it hugs your lower half in a very sexy way ladies. I am definitely a fan and understand the hype now. I ordered a 3x, so I say these jeans are very true to size.  I have 5 pairs of their jeans and the canopy jeans fits me the best.

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Jeans: Fashion Nova | Denim Top: Here | Shoes: Here

Photographer: Shante Carlan

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  1. This entire outfit slays me! You look amazing!
    Rhondine |