How To Stay Casual in the Fall.

For the most part, my style is pretty 75% casual. Chances are if you see me, I'm dressed down. Sneakers, cut up jeans, and a bomber jacket is my Fall staple. Its also very simple and easy for someone like me who is on the go. So weather its the weekend or me at work, I will most likely dress casual.

 However don't worry I'll be back to dresses soon!

I have also re-added head wraps to my wardrobe. I haven't worn a head wrap in a while. However this particular pattern is gorgeous and perfect with literally everything you guys. I just love it. Also r.i.p to these jeans, I have totally worn them out. I loved them so much but the rips and tears are bit much haha. :/

Bomber Jacket: Here | Top: Here | Sneakers: Here | Jeans: Similar 

Photographer: Kadijah Watkins