The Perfect Sequin Jackets for The Holiday's.

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! The holidays are here and it's time for all things sequins. Whether its a dress, a purse, or a pair of shoes, every woman needs something with sequins.

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas ....

We are few days in December, and I wasn't in the Christmas spirit until this photoshoot. I was shooting this look with my photographer, and I noticed this puppy and his owner stopped and stared at me. This is usually a common thing whenever I shoot, but this puppy really wanted to be around me. So, I kindly asked the owner if he was okay with me shooting with his dog, and he said yes.

My Take on the Fanny Pack 90's Trend

Hey ladies! I know its December, but its still Fall and I am still in love with Fall colors. So please allow me to wear this look before the sparkles and sequins takeover hahaha.