When The Weather Finally Hits 80 Degrees!

When the weather finally hits 80 degrees in New York you automatically feel like getting dressed up. I am so over the inconsistent weather my city has endured.  Mother nature has been playing so many games with my emotions you guys. It felt like winter would never leave.  It's about time that we are getting warm weather.

I have been anxiously waiting to wear this bright colored neon green cropped blazer from Simply Be for a couple weeks now. When  I was asked to collaborate with Simply Be for several of their Summer 16 campaigns, I was thrilled. I knew their pieces would fit right in with my style. I also knew exactly how I wanted to rock this gorgeous cropped blazer. C'mon black skinny jeans, sandals, and a pink lip is my kind of style. Such a fun and great look for Spring and early Summer. I wore this for dinner with a friend.

Slowly Getting Back into Color

For the past few months I've been wearing a lot of dark colors. If you know me personally, you know that I love rocking bright  bold colors, but I've kinda lost my jazz, so I began conforming with the crowd, which meant I wore mostly blacks, grays, browns, and greens (honestly anything that was dark lol).

In addition, because I am a school teacher by day, trendy and bright colors is not something you will see me in. However, now that the weather has been getting a little warmer, I found myself slowly getting back into colors. I love this orange skirt, it is not too bright, but its bold enough to stand out among the crowd. So this look is perfect for someone like me who is slowly getting back into colors, but without being too eye catching, if that make sense lol.

Weekend Style: The Striped Maxi Dress

Hey ladies! I am back with another weekend look. If you were to ask me what my favorite print is? Hands down it would be stripes followed by floral print. I just love stripes, so when I saw this maxi dress from Lane Bryant, I knew it needed to be mine and I knew exactly how I wanted it to be styled. My inspiration was the 90's. Therefore adding a leather jacket, platform heels, and a fringe bag into my current style was the look I was trying to create. I actually wore this outfit to the BET/ Centric "Curvy Style" event. Since the event was in the evening and in the city (Manhattan) it was just right for the scene.