Embarking on a Healthier Lifestyle With lucy Activewear.

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Hey ladies, I am back with another look, featuring lucy Activewear. If you have been following me on social media for the past few months, you know I’ve been sharing with my followers my gradual, healthier lifestyle changes; and when I say gradual, I mean it's been slow, but exciting.

What I love most about embarking on this healthier lifestyle is reading and researching what works best for me. I have truly enjoyed learning the importance of eating healthier foods, which has meant buying more organic foods and shopping at my local farmer's market. In addition, I learned that becoming more active and incorporating exercise into my life is just as important as eating healthy.

Embarking on a healthier lifestyle has been the best thing for my life. I feel more confident, less stressed, have more energy, and have a more positive outlook on my life.

What I absolutely love to do on the weekends is get up really early before the sun comes up, and take a walk around my nearby park. Doing this has been truly great for my mind, body, and soul. Later in the day, I usually visit my favorite organic store and shop for the week.

When I was contacted about lucy Activewear’s new Extended Sizes line and asked to try it out, I was eager to do my research and learn what it could offer me. lucy Activewear has a stylish selection of fitness pieces to choose from, which is great and makes it easy to feel good and look good at the same time while setting out on my healthier lifestyle.

I chose to try out lucy’s Short Sleeve Workout Tee and their Studio Hatha Capri Legging.
The short-sleeve top was made with comfy material that I could tell was high-quality, and the boxy fit made it easy to move around and be active. I loved that the leggings were high waisted, which meant they offer wonderful coverage and comfort. Finally, the print on these leggings also matched my sneakers, and I’m sorry you guys, but I have this thing where I need my activewear to match my sneakers, and it did! Lol.

lucy’s Extended Sizes line caters to sizes 1X to 3X, and they offer workout gear with amazing fit, a selection of styles, and great quality to choose from. Not only does lucy Activewear make me feel comfortable from head to toe, but I can easily transition from taking my walk in the park to shopping at my local, organic grocery store, without having to change in between. I’m pleased to say I’ve added them to my list of healthy lifestyle choices that work for me!

I look forward to seeing more of what the lucy Activewear Extended Sizes line has to offer in the future and love their message of body-positivity and self-confidence. So far I am loving their Extended Sizes collection, and you should definitely give them a try, too, as a way to help you embark on your own healthy (and stylish!) lifestyle! #lucyForEveryBody

Ladies, lucy Activewear is offering one $150 giftcard to one lucky winner for commenting or sharing my blog post. How awesome is that? :)

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Photos by Shante Carlan


  1. Just starting my healthy lifestyle. Gotta look cute while doing it!

  2. Love your workout look. There's nothing like looking good while getting fit!

  3. Cute clothes inspire me to get in shape....gotta get these curve poppin ;)

  4. It's so nice to have cute workout options in plus sizes. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. It's crazy but exciting to see that companies are making stuff for us now! I'm so over wearing leggings and tees to workout ! And it's super cute on you

  6. Been on the healthy lifestyle journey since July. I'm 30 pounds down. And loving it. I absolutely have to match my gear lol so I totally am with you with that. Also, mind... its like your balanced for the rest of your day. So true! Great post.

  7. lucy activewear is so cute! I also love that the leggings are high waisted, I always struggle with my leggings not staying in place. These would be perfect!

  8. I love slipping into comfy stylish active wear on the weekends that actually FIT! It's so hard sometimes as a curvy girl to find something that I truly feel comfy in and that I'm not pulling and tuggin at. 100% going to check them out.

  9. I'm really curious about this workout clothing line. I'm glad to hear the pants are high waisted. I hate pants rolling over my tummy when I'm working out.

  10. I will check them out for sure. You look super cute.

  11. I had never heard of this company, but I will be checking them out! Im always looking for great workout clothes for us curvy girls