SheinOfficlal PLus Size Honest Review

Please note: This review is not sponsored. I was gifted some items to wear from Sheinofficial, and I'm expressing my honest thoughts & opinions about the items I received. 

Hey ladies! If you've been following me on instagram. You probably have recently seen me wearing  a few items from sheinofficial, check it out Here and Here. I received so many messages about their items, so I decided to do a review on the items I received.

I'll be honest, even though I was gifted items, I  was still very reluctant to receive items from sheinoffical. I have heard a ton of good and not so good reviews about their clothing, that I was honestly afraid to collaborate with this brand. Before I was asked to select 4 of my favorite items, I decided to read each product description. I needed to know what kind of material and fabric it was made out of, and also the length of each item. Once I read each product description, I decided to select my size.

Based on the chart, I selected 3XL's and I am glad I played it safe. Out of the four items I was sent, only 3 items fit me. I was a bit disappointed  about the fourth item because the product description in my opinion seemed to be very misleading. The item had to be at least a size medium ladies!

Dress: Here  | Ordered a 3XL

                                                                      Kimono: Here | Ordered 3XL

Dress Sold Out! Ordered  3XL

All the other three items fit great and I received so many compliments. In my opinion, I would give sheinoffical 4 out 5 stars. Their prices are affordable and they have a lot of beautiful gems, but you  have to READ the description carefully before purchasing to make sure you are selecting your correct size. I would definitely shop there again!

I have a coupon code "Onthe20" for 20% off orders over $59. Good Luck!

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