How to look SNATCHED in Body Hugging Clothes!

Hey ladies! I am back with a new post. It's finally warming up so its time show off some legs. One of my favorite ways I like to show them off is by rocking a midi length skirt and of course dresses.

I just love body-hugging outfits like body-cons. I actually don't wear them that often anymore, but it occurred to me that I have finally mastered how to look snatched in a body-hugging outfit like this.

Skirt: Here | Body Suit: Here | Shoes: Here 

Here are some tips for looking SNATCHED in an outfit like this.

1. Wear proper underwears! Look! I know most folks hate wearing High Waisted Full Briefs or granny panties, but this is a must for me because I need my panties to come all the way up over my belly button. Wearing thongs, hipsters, or boyshorts are a NO! These kinds of panties create a fold in my belly area. This then gives the illusion that I have two bellies, which is not a good look!

2. Shapewear is a must! If you want to look snatched and pulled in, you will need to invest in some heavy duty shapewear. Miracle Suit and Rago are my current favorites. They are the most comfortable and looks good with dresses and skirts. 

3. Say Goodbye to T-shirts! Bodysuits are going to be your friend. If you want to look smooth in your clothes, you will have to get you some bodysuits. Bodysuits create a nice polished look. I also prefer them over t-shirts because you can totally see that your shirts are tucked into your skirts and pants, and that creates a bulge that I hate ladies lol.

4. Invest in a good bra! To look snatched in your clothes it first starts with your posture. When you wear a good bra you look longer and put together. My current favorite bras are from Lane Bryant.

5. Wear printed skirts!  Printed skirts give the illusion of a flatter stomach. 

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